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Learn how to achieve steak perfection every single time without wasting time and money on frustrated attempts in the fastest time possible.



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 "This course breaks everything down in a simple and easy to follow process making it so logical, even as a complete beginner!"

- Ramin S.

"Ivan's posts already had me loving steaks, but after joining his Steak Academy, my passion for steaks grew to the highest level. The knowledge and confidence I gained are unbelievable."

- Luis D. 

 "I have learned more in the past 7 days from watching this course than my whole life  trying on my own and browsing the internet."

- Nick E. 


Steak Mastery Online? A Recipe for Disaster...

No Real Understanding

What steak or equipment should I buy? How to get that crust or perfect doneness?  So many questions, yet simple steak wisdom online is impossible to find

Expensive as HECK!

Steak prices? Always the most expensive item on the menu. One mistake and both your time and money are burned away. 

No step by step Sequence

Everywhere you click, there's 'expert' advice, but a clear step-by-step guide covering everything you need for steak mastery?

Nowhere in sight.


All this leads to poor results where 99.9% of people HAVE NEVER experienced the FULL POTENTIAL of a steak.


You don't want to waste time and money on failed attempts like this


Steak Perfection


Listen to the slightly crunchy crust, and look at that perfect edge to edge medium rare doneness.

That’s the goal!

Once you take a bite, you’ll experience that contrast between the crispy crust and the tender and juicy inside, which brings so much texture complexity.

And just when you think it can't get any better, the subtle crunch of those amazing salted flakes, harmonizing with the world-class EVOO from Croatia

That's what separates this perfect steak from any other steak or food on this planet.

That is not just a steak. That's an experience. And the maestro behind it?

That could be YOU!

Become Exceptional


The Steak Lifestyle

Imagine a world where every steak you prepare isn't just a meal, it's a masterpiece.

A masterpiece that does more than just satisfy your taste buds - it connects you to the people you love.

As you master the art of steak, you're not just cooking,

You're creating unforgettable moments that make everyone around you happier while enjoying every second of it.

Step into this world, and you'll become the person everyone looks up to and wants to be!

Let’s be honest… a true master at his craft being in the center of a gathering, preparing the best steaks everyone has ever tried, making people question every steak they ever had!

Does it get cooler than that?


Now, it’s your time to shine.


But it goes even beyond that...

Our goal at steak academy is that you can confidently say to your friends and family:

"I will prepare you the best steak of your life. 
The best you've ever tried, better than any restaurant or steakhouse."

Join today and turn this promise into reality.


This is a stage for your passion and mastery, a platform where you become a true maestro in your circle.

The joy you feel in the process becomes your therapy.

Steak cooking becomes an event where everyone around you wants to be a part of.

The admiration and enjoyment you bring to your loved ones become the highlights of your life, one steak at a time!

That's what the Steak Lifestyle is all about!

It's your joy, your therapy, and your ultimate connection to those you care about.


Ready to become a true master and live the Steak Lifestyle?


The world’s most comprehensive steak educational platform

The Steak Academy online course is designed to be your one stop destination to becoming the Ultimate Steak Master and living the Steak Lifestyle

Your Steak Academy Journey


Learn how to develop a passion for steaks by discovering the diverse steak world and understanding the principles behind steak mastery.


Learn how to choose the right steak and proper equipment to avoid costly mistakes.


Learn what are the three essential characteristics of a perfect steak and get direct insight to fully understand the creation of each.


Learn how to achieve steak perfection, master the easiest steak cooking method and lay the foundation for future techniques.


Learn how to organize your steak dinner to shock everybody by showcasing the best steak they have ever tried.


This is just the beginning. With this foundation you will quickly master Ivan's best and favorite methods for specific steak types. This way the possibilities of steak preparation become endless.

You will become the ultimate steak master sharing your passion and expertise with your loved ones.

Steak Academy is known for its low effort to high reward approach.

Typically, our students take no more than 1-2 weeks to complete this journey, achieving true steak perfection within their first two attempts.


Student Results Within 1-2 Attempts


What's included in the Premium Membership?


All the knowledge and experience from my 10-year journey to steak mastery, shared through high quality videos and PDF documents. 

It’s everything you will ever need to master the art of steaks, and much more.

THE FOUNDATION: Igniting Your Passion for Success!

  • Whether you're a newbie or a steak enthusiast I will ignite or deepen your passion for steak like never before.
  • Passion is the secret sauce to mastery, and I'm handing you a proven blueprint that has transformed hundreds before you.
  • Dive deep into the luxurious steak lifestyle and discover why it's the best thing you've never truly experienced.

THEORY: Develop a deep understanding of Steakology

  • Say goodbye to amateur guessworking. Dive into the world of steak cuts, butchering tricks, proper steak shopping, art of beef aging, etc.
  • You'll understand the steak game inside out, saving you from costly mistakes. This is a deep dive into the very soul of the steak.
  • Plus, I'll unveil the secrets to developing an unparalleled cooking passion, introducing you to the game-changing concept of "flowing."

INDOOR & OUTDOOR COURSES: Unlock the Secrets of Steak Mastery!

  • Discover why certain steak cuts shine in the pan and others triumph on the grill.
  • Pan cooking, oven cooking, grilling - I've mastered them all, and now it's your turn. Thin steak? Thick steak? Bone-in? Boneless? I've got a method for each, and I'll show you how to nail it every single time.
  • I'll break down the basics, the equipment, and show you how to cook every type of steak to perfection. Every detail, every nuance, captured and explained in high-quality videos to ensure you replicate the methods effortlessly at home.

METHOD MASTERY: Perfect your technique!

  • At Steak Academy we take a step further. 99% of people don’t know how to achieve ultimate steak perfection because they don’t understand the true essence of a method. That’s why for every method, there's a clear and powerful explanation video.
  • You will understand the 'why' behind each method, guaranteeing you achieve steak perfection, anywhere, anytime. Because once you understand something, you can’t fail, no matter the grill or pan brand.
  • You will get an easy-to-follow PDF guide that accompanies each method making it basically foolproof.

You will also get BONUSES...

Steak Recipes


Dive into my collection of Top 3 Steak Recipes that are guaranteed to astonish and delight everyone at the table. These aren’t just meals; they are experiences.

  • Easy to prepare
  • Detailed step by step process
  • Available as video and pdf download

World's BEST Steak Tutorial

  • Gain exclusive access to the ultimate video guide: "How To Cook Steak Perfectly Every Time.
  • This isn't just a tutorial, it's a steak cinematic masterpiece that generalizes steak cooking and combines all the foundational lessons and theoretical insights, presenting them into one visual symphony.
  • This essential guide is more than beneficial—it's crucial. It unlocks a deep understanding of the steak lifestyle philosophy accelerating your success like never before!

Steak Academy Mini Course

  • Elevate your skills with the Steak Academy Mini-Course! Presenting my easiest method ever guaranteeing perfection 1st try!
  • Perfectly tailored for beginners and experts alike, this mini-course is the embodiment of simplicity and excellence, ensuring you triumph in steak cooking, leaving friends and family in awe.
  • Best part? It takes 20 min to finish the mini course and you get instant results!

Wagyu Mastery Course

  • Exclusively this time, immerse yourself in the luxurious world of the world’s best and most expensive beef -WAGYU with my dedicated Wagyu Mastery Course.
  • Uncover the power of Wagyu A5, the pinnacle of beef elegance, ranging from 300 to 500 EUR per kg. Learn my top 2 cherished methods to honor this extraordinary meat.
  • This bonus alone is overshadowing the entire course's price!

You will also receive a certificate of completion!

Steak Academy Certificate: Become Official!

  • Begin your exciting journey at Steak Academy, triumph over an entertaining test, and emerge as a true steak master, fully living the steak lifestyle.
  • Decorate your walls with the prestigious certificate, silently (boasting) your mastery to every visitor.
  • But remember, there's no need for overdoing it. Unlike vegans who tell you they're vegan within 2 minutes of meeting them. Steak Mastery speaks for itself.

What makes Steak Academy stand out?

Here is what our members say.

FELIX BRODSKI -  Australia 

I never realized the true potential of my passion for steaks until I discovered Ivan’s group and later joining his course. 

Before I thought I knew everything about grilling steaks, since I am a shashlik master, but you opened my eyes and your course truly transformed my skills.

One of Ivan’s hidden gems is teaching us how to establish a relationship with the butcher which was a very beneficial game changer for always being first offered the best cuts and getting exclusive discounts. 

Even my daughter's best friend stopped eating steaks out because as she says" Felix you spoiled me, everywhere I order steak I am dissapoineted." 

Thank you IVAN!


Joining the Steak Academy was exactly what I needed at the time because I missed having a passion in my life.

Shout out to Ivan Đukić because his guidance opened up a whole new world for me, turning my passion for steaks into a life-changing journey.

I've started hosting weekend steak nights, creating unforgettable moments with friends over perfectly cooked steaks.

I went to Puerto Rico and I had a chance to cook steaks for good friends on the beach and they were amazed by the results!

It was one of my best days in my life.

This is the Steak Lifestyle. 


Starting as a total rookie in steak grilling, I was clueless about everything – from choosing the right charcoal to the best oils for pan searing. Then I stumbled upon Ivan Đukić's  group 'Steak tips and tricks' on Facebook, and man, did that change everything!

It wasn't as easy as it looked, but Ivan's tips and personal guidance really upped my game. After joining Steak Academy, my friends and family immediately started noticing how much better my steaks got – talk about an achievement!

I've even started my own social media pages and landed some big sponsorships such as Kamado Joe and Meat Revolution.

But the real highlight? Visiting Ivan in Croatia. Not only is he a steak master, but also the ultimate host. His way of breaking down steak mastery makes things super easy to understand and get hooked on.

Thanks to him, I've turned my grilling love into a business, and I'm loving every bit of it!

True success stories, real results.


I’ve experimented with every imaginable cooking method, identifying and refining the flaws in each.

Over the years, I've developed my own methods, ensuring perfect results with any steak, every time.

That’s why mine and our students' results are the best, and inside Steak Academy, I will show you how you can achieve the same.







  • FOUNDATION: Ignite your passion for success! 
  • THEORY: Master the art of Steakology! 
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR COURSES: Unlock Steak Mastery! 
  • METHOD MASTERY: Perfect your technique 
  • STEAK ACADEMY CERTIFICATE: Become official! 



  • BONUS #1: Top 3 steak recipes 
  • BONUS #2: The world's best steak tutorial video 
  • BONUS #3: Steak Academy Mini-course 
  • BONUS #4: Wagyu Mastery Course 



  • DIRECT ACCESS TO IVAN: Message or Facetime him!
  • GIVEAWAYS: Win our handcrafted Steak Academy cutting boards and top-tier Japanese chef knives, valued at $250 - $450.


Total Value: $1497

Usual price: $597



Limited Time Offer

  • Instant Access
  • All Modules + All Bonuses
  • Lifetime Membership With All Updates
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • One-time payment or 3-month payment plan
% Get Discount

Enrolling in Steak Academy means investing in yourself.

Nothing steak-related comes cheap, from the right grills, pans, cutting boards, knives, to the actual steaks.

Here are a few steaks that will cost you more than enrolling in Steak Academy Premium.

A single Kobe Wagyu Steak

Four Tomahawks at Costco

Four Dry Aged Ribeye's at Omaha

Two Wagyu Porterhouse Steaks

At Steak Academy, you will learn how to perfect, not just one of the steaks above, but all of them.

Not just once, but for your lifetime.

Enroll Now

Steak Academy Success Stories


Final words from your instructor - Ivan

I’m Ivan Đukić, founder of Steak tips and tricks FB group and your guide on this adventure to the Steak Lifestyle.

I've had a passion for good steaks for as long as I can remember. I started as a teen, obsessed with steak perfection, dedicating my life to mastering this art.

There is not a single video, book or article about steaks I haven't studied while constantly trying and experimenting.

It took me five years to fully perfect my craft because the steak world is full of misinformation and no information.

There was clarity, no understanding; I had to do everything on my own, because these days everyone on the internet is an expert, and that's why it took me so long, but that's why I am the best because I have gone through everything and I understand every step of the process and I share everything in Steak Academy Premium.

Final words from your instructor - Ivan

I’m Ivan Đukić, founder of Steak tips and tricks FB group and your guide on this adventure to the Steak Lifestyle.

I've had a passion for good steaks for as long as I can remember. I started as a teen, obsessed with steak perfection, dedicating my life to mastering this art.

There is not a single video, book or article about steaks I haven't studied while constantly trying and experimenting.

It took me five years to fully perfect my craft because the steak world is full of misinformation and no information.

There was clarity, no understanding; I had to do everything on my own, because these days everyone on the internet is an expert, and that's why it took me so long, but that's why I am the best because I have gone through everything and I understand every step of the process and I share everything in Steak Academy Premium.

Thanks to the recognition our group has gained over the years, I have:

  • Built a FB community of over 165.000 steak lovers
  • Run an private steak dining company 
  • Hosted educational steak workshops 
  • Helped dozens of restaurants across Europe to transform their business with our Restaurant Excellence Program
  • Started Steak Academy, a global educational platform 
  • Traveled the world to expand my steak expertise, including living in Argentina for 6 months
  • Started a premium cutting board company
  • Impacted 10.000+ people with the Steak Lifestyle through our FB group 

You will get addicted to steak perfection and you will get addicted making everyone around you happier.

All while becoming this unique Steak Master, bonding better with your loved ones, becoming healthier and definetely not wasting money on failed attempts or overpriced steakhouses. 

You will be the creator of moments!

This is the steak lifestyle that I want you to experience and have multiple benefits in your life. That's why I felt like it is not right that I have this steak lifestyle and others don't.  

And that right there is why I teamed up with my twin brother Dominik to start Steak Academy -the world's most comprehensive steak educational platform.

Students are consistently amazed by how rapidly they can improve their steak skills following our detailed, step-by-step guidance.

I can't wait to meet you and see you become a part of our ever-growing family of steak masters.

Take advantage of the special ONE TIME DEAL 50% off for group members ONLY while offer is still up.

Without you, living from my passion would not be possible and this is my way of saying thank you.


Here is what our members say about Ivan 

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