Steak Lifestyle

FELIX BRODSKI -  Australia 

I never realized the true potential of my passion for steaks until I discovered The Steak Academy.

Before joining the course I thought I knew everything about grilling steaks, but your course truly transformed my skills, making me the go-to steak expert in my circle.

Your passionate teaching and detailed tips not only improved my grilling techniques but also deepened my understanding of meat selection and preparation.

Even my daughter's best friend stopped eating steaks out because as she says" Felix you spoiled me, everywhere I order steak I am dissapoineted." 

Thank you IVAN!

Dusting Wright - USA

Joining the Steak Academy was exactly what I needed at the time because I missed having a passion in my life.

Shout out to Ivan Đukić because his guidance opened up a whole new world for me, turning my passion for steaks into a life-changing journey.

I've started hosting weekend steak nights, creating unforgettable moments with friends over perfectly cooked steaks.

I went to Puerto Rico and I had a chance to cook steaks for good friends on the beach and they were amazed by the results!

It was one of my best days in my life.

This is the Steak Lifestyle. 

Denislav Petkov - Bulgaria 

Starting as a total rookie in steak grilling, I was clueless about everything – from choosing the right charcoal to the best oils for pan searing. Then I stumbled upon Ivan Đukić's  group 'Steak tips and tricks' on Facebook, and man, did that change everything! It wasn't as easy as it looked, but Ivan's tips and personal guidance really upped my game. After joining Steak Academy, even my friends and family started noticing how much better my steaks got – TALK ABOUT AN ACHIEVMENT!

I've even started my own social media pages and landed some big sponsorships such as the Big Green Egg and Meat Revolution.

But the real highlight? Visiting Ivan in Croatia. Not only is he a steak master, but also the ultimate host. His way of breaking down steak mastery makes things super easy to understand and get hooked on.

Thanks to him, I've turned my grilling love into a business, and I'm loving every bit of it!